Social Media Panel

In my 490 Social Media class Thursday, we got the privilege to have a Social Media Panel. This panel included young professionals in the Social Media Industry. All but one of the panel are alumnae of the University of Tennessee‘s College of Communication and Information.

Morgan Neal, Caroline Pekarsky, Amanda Person, Cailtin Riddler and Chance Vineyard gave our class insights into how Social Media has shaped their individual careers. The panel also represented three great companies: The Tombras Group, AC Entertainment, and Bohan.

The biggest things I took away from the panel were why Social Media, networking and professionalism are important. Social Media is becoming an ever-growing advertisers’ dream, so as a young professional it is imperative to have basic knowledge of all social media outlets. Because we have knowledge of these outlets were are considered an asset for companies.

Most on the panel got jobs through networking. I learned even if you are doing something as simple as waiting tables, it is crucial to have those good customer service skills. Service jobs also look good on resumes! I had no idea employers actually want to see if you had been a waitress or bartender. It shows you have experience dealing with tough issues with customers and such.

Also a good tip from the panel was about professionalism. Especially on Social Media it is important for students and young professionals to be weary of their voice and image on Social Media. Employers look at all your forms of Social Media. Your online profiles give your potential employers extra time to get to know you, so make the right impression.

Thanks again to the 490 Social Media panel! Loved all of your insights.


Photo from UT School of Advertising and PR’s Facebook page


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