Peyton Manning, UT’s Rockstar QB

As the University of Tennessee Football Team comes off of an impressive win over Western Kentucky this weekend; one of the university’s most prized alums as been proven great once again.

According to, Peyton Manning has been named AFC Offensive Player of the Week. This is the 24th time in his career that Peyton has received this award. This award gives him more conference player of the week awards than any other player in NFL history. The win over the Baltimore Ravens, recorded Peyton with 464 passing yards which is the 2nd highest in his career.

All the tweets and posts by Vol Football fans about Peyton’s most recent success, just goes to show how much of an impact he has had on this University. Not only does he have his pictures everywhere around the athletic facilities, but a road and classroom  both sport his name.  Not too shabby, ehh?

Even though he has been graduated for a little while it is still apparent that he is and always will be our rockstar quarterback. As Vol Football fans we may not always be confident in our quarterback, but we will always have Peyton Manning.

I love a good meme. Go Vols!

I love a good meme. Go Vols!

Below is a link to see our great alum in action. Enjoy!



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