It’s Anchor Splash Time in Tennessee

During the 3rd week of September, the University of Tennessee was the setting for one of the biggest and best philanthropic events. Anchor Splash is a week-long event put on by the ladies of Delta Gamma Fraternity.


 The proceeds coming from the week’s events go to DG’s nationally philanthropy, Service for Sight.

Last year UT’s Anchor Splash raised thousands of dollars.The money goes towards funding schools for the blind and visually impaired across the country.

Locally DG’s host events with Club VIBES, which stands for Visually Impaired/Blind Enhanced Services. UT DG’s also fund Vision Camp every spring for the blind and visually impaired kids, so that they may have a normal camp experience. DG raises the largest portion of this money through the Anchor Splash event.

This year DG had several fraternities, as well as sororities participating in the week-long competition. The week started out with Soak-a-DG Day.

Yes, I said Soak-a-DG Day. The ladies of DG wore their block-letters all day and the participating organizations use water guns, water bottles, water balloons, or just anything that can hold water and they soak DG’s for tickets.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.35.25 PM

The campus is littered with young fraternity guys running around and hiding in bushes trying to find DG’s.

The guys literally look like they are 5 years old, out in the yard playing imaginary war games. It is the best. And as you can see, DG’s get into it just as much.

At the end of the day all the tickets are counted up and the top 3 fraternities and sororities receive points for their efforts. Also that first day of Anchor Splash, DG held a percentage night at Moe’s. Moe’s actually donates a percentage of the profits to DG for Service for Sight. This is just one reason why DG’s love Moe’s.

Second day of Anchor Splash is the Volleyball TournamentBUemZ7FCQAEDMQA. Participating organizations flock to the newly named “Diji Island”, to compete in a single elimination, back-yard style volleyball tournament.

During the tournament DG’s could be seen refereeing, line judging, and cheering on the teams.

At the end of the tournament there was a Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Champion.

Third Day of Anchor Splash is the 4th Annual Anchor Man Pageant. The Fraternities participating nominate one representative to compete in the pageant. The participating sororities enter a dance number and painted cooler.

The nominated fraternity member competes in 3 stages of the pageant. First is the Flex Off. In this round the guys dress in their best nautical swimwear and show off their “guns”.


Second is the interview portion. In this round the guys don their best evening wear and answer a question onstage.

Third is the talent portion. In this round the guys show off their skills whether it be singing or dancing. Anything to wow the Senior DG ladies, who are the judges of the competition.996606_10200609410547043_496710615_n

As a Senior of Delta Gamma, we are in-trusted with judging the pageant along with 3 guest judges.

The judges also scored the participating sororities’ dance numbers. The numbers entertained the crowd between rounds.  The painted coolers were also scored. Part of the prize for being crowned DG’s Anchor Man was receiving the winning painted cooler. The coolers were decked out in bronze, pink, blue, anchors, DG, and Service for Sight. What a great public relations tool for DG!

Finally the culmination of the weeks hard work. The Anchor Games ends the week with a bang. Sororities compete in relay games and banner. While the fraternities compete in banner, belly flop, and synchronized swimming.

1238112_10200609425347413_218115686_nAgain, this is an opportunity for the Seniors of DG to serve as judges. The banners are hung above the TRecs outdoor pool and are judged on a number of categories. The participating fraternities nominate one guy to compete in the belly flop competition. The guys truly make a splash on the competition, putting their own spin on a classic pool trick.


The final competition is the by far the best. In the synchronized swimming portion of the competition, the seniors line up on the  edge of the pool for a front row view of the routines.

The fraternity guys then show off what they, with the help of DG coaches, have worked on all week. Their 5 minute routines vary in style, costumes, and music choices. All of which have to do with DG and Service for Sight.


The fraternities show off their dancing and lip-syncing skills to the seniors out of the water.

The guys then jump in the water to continue to show off their synchronization, as they make a Delta, Gamma, and Anchor in the water. Although most do much more than that. It is amazing to see how much effort all the participants put into their routines.

1209264_638970866125306_1243330809_nAs a DG, Anchor Splash has always held a special place in my heart. I have met some of the best people being a coach (shout out to all my AGR boys) and gotten so close to my sisters.

I am truly blessed to have been in such an amazing organization. All the money the philanthropy raises and sheer number of people coming out to support us. As a senior I am so proud of my sorority and everything we have accomplished. This Anchor Splash has definitely not let me down. I honestly can not believe I had just witnessed my last Anchor Splash as a collegiate member of Delta Gamma. I will never forget it or my pledge class members I got to share it with.

There’s nothing else I would rather be than a DG at Tennessee! And that will never change.


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