The Perfect Wedding Guest

In the last six months, I have been to three weddings. All of these weddings were close friends all under the age of 25. A major portion of the guests were 20-30 years old. All three have been beautiful and different in their own ways.

Through these experiences, I have started to realize the Do’s and Don’ts of being a wedding guest as an adult. This weekend I had the privilege of attending my sweet, high school friend’s wedding. On the drive to Memphis, I wondered what the wedding was going to look like, how beautiful the bride was going to be, what guest was going to make a fool of themselves first…

And it got me thinking of all the things wedding guests do that are pet peeves of mine and I’m sure others. Here are my top five.

1. Don’t wear white or cream. Unless it is specifically requested by the couple in the invitation, all you are doing is taking attention away from the bride. She is the only one allowed to wear white, period.


Don’t be a Monster-In-Law type of diva

2. Bring a gift. I know for myself, I have several friends getting married right out of college and I understand we aren’t the richest people at this stage of our lives. However, coming to a wedding without something as simple as a card is just beyond rude to me. Show the couple some love!

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

3. RSVP. Couples send out RSVP cards for a reason. They need an accurate count of how many guests are planning to attend, so the finishing wedding touches can be completed. They need to know how many seats to have out, who to put where on a seating chart and make sure to order enough food for all the guests.


4. Don’t arrive late. There’s nothing that distracts guests more then someone trying to sneak in the side door. By sending an RSVP to the wedding with a “Yes, I will attend” message, you are pledging to attend the wedding and arrive at the specified time. Late wedding guests are just plain distracting. This is especially true if your wearing a “statement outfit” like so

princess-beatrice-eugenie-royal-wedding-outfits-hats…you will be noticed.

5. Control your alcohol usage. Don’t get me wrong, weddings are a great occasion to let loose and celebrate the romantic union with a glass or 3 of alcohol. However, there is always that wedding guest who takes the celebrating too far. At this point they are no longer contributing to the celebration, they are contracting from it.

Let’s keep the twerking for the club….or never

I hope these help you be the perfect wedding guest at your next loved ones’ big day!


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