K is for Karma and Kiffin

The word most used in Rocky Top to categorize Lane Kiffin’s termination as the USC Head Football Coach was karma. Especially when you consider the way he announced his leaving the UT Football program for USC’s.

From the thrown together press conference to the brief statement with no questions taken. Not to mentioned his disheveled appearance. This announcement came just weeks before National Signing Day. In a 1 minute press conference, Lane Kiffin single-handedly set the UT football program back at the least 5 years.

As the USC Head Football Coach, Kiffin was all hype. A No. 1 preseason ranking in 2012, deflated footballs, swapped jerseys, poor media relations, and, most notably, a bunch of losses crippled the once national-title contender. Finishing the season with a 7-5 record.

After a terrible showing (on and off the field) in a bowl game against Georgia Tech, USC earned the notorious distinction of becoming the first team to ever begin a season ranked No. 1 only to end it unranked. Because of this, Kiffin’s position was no longer safe with USC. And last weekend the team lost to Arizona State in a big way, Pat Haden fired him before they made it back to California.


Karma is a bitch

Lane Kiffin is, who he’s always been, and probably always will be. Which is why Lane Kiffin didn’t get fired from USC for his 28-15 record.

Lane Kiffin got fired from USC for being Lane Kiffin. Finally someone other than a UT fan saw right through his “charisma”.

Sweetest sound to a UT’s fan ears, beside Rocky Top! Go Vols!


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