Reflection on ROI

After Mark Schaefer came into my Adv490 class and discussed his book Tao of Twitter, one of our next assignments was reading his other book Return on Influence. I had also thought of ROI as Return on Investment, but Mark put a great spin to the concept.


The first half of the book discussed the roots of influence. He starts by discussing the beginning of Klout, he gives examples of different individuals’ experinces with Klout. I have become slightly addicted to Klout. I see who my top influencers are and I want to beat their score. It definitely has made me competitive about improving my Klout score. Just like Mark has mention in both of his books, content is key. In order to be a good social media influencer, you have to generate content that will move. I have challenged myself to become a citizen influencer.

According to ROI, the social media platform has the potential to bring true celebrity status and all the associated perks to anyone who is willing to work for it. Any body has the chance to experience life on the other side of the velvet rope. I want to reach the status of Calvin Lee, who Mark used as an example of a citizen influencer. Due to his Twitter usage, companies frequently send him perks, including VIP passes, test drives, and party invites. It is so amazing how the advertising world has shifted. it started with the companies in power, now it is the citizen influencers with the power. Companies are just along for the ride.Companies are now challenged to find those people who influence their brand followers the most.

images-1Now that Klout has become a major part of our field and lives, professionals are now struggling every day to keep their score up. I can already tell this is going to be my problem as with those professionals. In the book he gave examples of how professionals actually considered missing out on vacations to remain relevant. I don’t think i will have that problem. Now that this rift has been discovered, a new social caste system has been adopted. Those with the scores in the 70’s being the elite, it is hard to imagine i will ever be there. But professionals are actually super competitive of how high their score is. I can’t wait to see how far this new caste system will go in the future.


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