A Dream Come True

Today has been such a great day that I had to blog about it.

After working the opening shift at work, i rushed over to campus to help run the Soap Box Derby race. All of our judges showed up on time and the event, in general, ran so smoothly.

While we were about to start the final race of the day, Channel 10 came by and wanted to cover our event live!

Me being interviewed by Channel 10

Me being interviewed by Channel 10

The final race of the day was cued live on the news by the Channel 10 reporter. While the cars were racing towards the finish line, i had the opportunity to be interviewed about the Homecoming Week and the events involved. It was so much fun. We also came to find out that 5 minutes  to camera time could really mean 20 minutes to camera time. ACE’s advisor and Mr. Max Parrott were holding the cars back for the whole time.

Then i went to seemed to be an ordinary sorority meeting. After a few announcements and visitors, the door opened up and one of my best friends came in the room with 2 of his Alpha Gamma Rho brothers. They each had a rose in their hands and i became suspicious.

My friend starts his speech off by talking about AGR’s Spring Formal last semester and how there was a wrong that needed to be righted. They never announced who was the AGR Sweetheart. I was in shock. He goes on to say one of the sweetest speeches in the history of speeches and then announces me as sweet heart. The chapter erupts in applause and i stood to receive the roses and hugs, then the door yet again swung open.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.15.10 PM

About 20 AGR’s dressed in suits came through the door with a rose and a hug for me. I have never been more honored or surprised in my life. Being a sweetheart for AGR is much more than being on their composite picture, they chose me over any number of AGR girlfriends and friends because i consider every single one of them my friend and they to me.

All the countless hours i have spent hanging out at the house, being considered one of the guys, being a therapist when needed (among many other things) have blessed me with this honor. I am so proud to represent the men of Alpha Gamma Rho- Alpha Kappa Chapter, they are the best friends a girl could have. Thank you so much. I love you all!



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