Homecoming in Retrospect


All Campus Events committee 2013 prior to the Homecoming Game

UT Homecoming 2013 is a wrap! All the trophies and crowns have been awarded and now the particpating organizations and ACE can breathe a sigh of relief.

Hours upon hours of work was poured into the week of Homecoming. The participating organizations might have been working towards winning the big trophy, but in fact they were doing something greater.

They were reminding alumnae of why they loved UT and the memories they made here. Because this was nostalgic time for alums, UT picked the perfect opportunity for Big Orange Give. The goal was to raise $125,000 in 125 hours. Not only did UT meet that goal but they surpassed it and i would like to the think Homecoming helped in this accomplishment. Whether that is true or not, don’t know, but we will just say it is for now.


One of the Top 3 Smokey’s Howl groups performing during the Halftime of the Basketball Game

For some UT Basketball fans, ACE forced them to be a part of one event. This year we held our Smokey’s Howl finals during the halftime of the exhibition basketball game. Thanks to UT Athletics and a few ACE members, it ran so smoothly and was a hit. I hope we could make this a tradition for years to come.

The actual football game was a blur for me. I was watching the clock for the time i could go onto the field and get the trophies out of the tunnels. At halftime the score was Auburn 34- Tennessee 20.


Neyland Stadium during the 2013 Homecoming Game

Halftime was a whirl wind between dodging the band and its 300+ alums, corralling about 35 Homecoming Directors, lining up 10 Homecoming Court Candidates with parents, managing 30 ACE members. Amongst all the madness i almost forgot to stop and appreciate where I was standing. I was on the Shields-Watkins field in Neyland Stadium. Not very many people can say they have done this not just once but 4 times. I could not believe that this could be the last time I was going to be on the field. Looking from the field up into the ea of orange, truly makes you proud to be a Vol.

After halftime we had to return to our seats, i was still in shock it was over. I was shocked, but just as equally thankful that this experience was over. Running Homecoming yet again this year was a trying experience, but one I would not change.

The Vols ran back on to the field for the second half of the game. Even though try as they might, the Vols were over taken by the Tigers, 55-23. Even though we lost, I was still proud of our Vols. They hung with another ranked team during the first half and never lost their heart as the walls seemed to be closing in on another UT victory.


My co-chair and myself celebrating the conclusion of Homecoming 2013

I am also proud of the ACE committee and the help they gave me and my ch-chair. As well as, all the participating organizations and homecoming court candidates for their hard work in participation of our event. Without you, our events would cease to exist. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to yet again plan one of the greatest traditions at UT. Homecoming will always hold a special place in my heart right next to UT.



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