Sports Reporter Profile


University of Tennessee Indoor Football Complex

For my Journalism 375 class, we were tasked the spotlighting that group in the media that does’t get recognized all the time- the Sports Reporter.

I chose to do mine on my friend, Sara Mitchell, who is a Vol Reporter. Anytime I can show off how awesome this girl is, I do. Sara took me behind the scenes of a UT Football practice.

She was working on a story about the Student-Athletic Trainers of the team. She got me in the indoor football field and then into the Student Athlete Wellness Center.

I followed her around as she shot b-roll of the football players getting taped up and stretched for practice.

Not only were pounds upon pounds of tape being applied to ankles and hands, but other athletes were also having physical therapy done.

1471135_10152067320106285_789038066_nIt was interesting to see how the athletes were prepared for practice, however, Sara was even more impressive. She knew almost everyone in the building and they knew her.

Due to a high demand of videoing equipment, i was forced to do something i had never done before. I had to shoot her profile using a GoPro. It was definitely a learning experience. Without a view finder or screen, I had no way of knowing how my shots were turning out. I also had no way of knowing how the sound was coming out, so you could say i was nervous. After editing the film, I am happy with the end result. I, however, will not be shooting another interview with a GoPro for a while to come.

Thanks so much Sara for all your help!


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