Play Your Part-Be a Vol

My last semester in college has been filled with classes, work, events and friends. One of the classes I took was Public Relations 470 or better known as PR Campaigns. In this class we are assigned to groups and given a client. Our goal is to help our client fix their problem.

This semester our client was the Safety of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We met with our clients from UTPD and the S.E.E. Center, among others, to find out exactly what they wanted from us. After doing a number of surveys, we had our game plan.

Our plan was to target UT Freshman 17-19 years old who live in on-campus dormitories, by updating their already required safety module into an interactive video game. We would encourage gameplay by offering prizes to those who continued on with the game past the required level. We were also going to promote the game with posters, brochures, table on pedestrian, social media, and etc.

All this information and so much more was compiled into our book, which turned out stellar thanks to my amazing group. After completion of our research and book, it was time to present our ideas to the client.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.20.24 AMWe presented our campaign against three other groups from my class.

At the end of all the presentations, the client picked one team as the winner of the presentation portion of the competition. Unfortunately, it was not us, Remedy Communications, but i don’t care what they say my group rocked it.


Remedy Communications- PR Campaigns Fall 2013

Here in a week or so, the client will pick its overall winners for their Campaign.

And if you see Play Your Part-Be A Vol anywhere on campus, you’ll know who won. 😉

At this point I am not super concerned whether we win or not. I am honestly so proud of this group of ladies, we worked 3 months together without killing each other and came out with an amazing campaign.

I have learned so much about myself working with these women, i can’t thank them enough for making my last semester of college a positive one



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