Fashion Trends

I am a recent Undergrad Graduate. One of the things I am trying to figure out after graduation is my style. How does a post grad dress?

What I do know is that the days of baggy sorority shirts and barely visible Nike shorts are drawing to an end. Now that I don’t have the excuse of not having time to dress nice because I am running to class; I have to figure out what my style now should be.

According to several Fashion Brands, the big trend for 2014 is patterns. One of my favorites, JCrew, even said “Solids are so 2013”. So in order to try and find my style after graduation, I have tried it out.

IMAG0975On this chilly Sunday, I have paired my SheInside Beige Long Sleeve Geometric Pattern Pullover Sweater with an Aztec inspired Pacsun Infinity Scarf, both of which I got for Christmas.

I also wore these with my $40 Stirrup Boots from Target and Ray-Ban Aviators for a day of brunch and shopping with my sister (#sistersunday). I can’t wait to incorporate these two new pieces into my every day wardrobe. One day I hope to be half as fashionable as Bravo’s Courtney Kerr. If you haven’t seen Courtney Loves Dallas or gone to her blog…go now!


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