Interview Attire

Being a Post-Grad without a full-time job, going on numerous interviews is becoming the norm. To cover all my bases after doing research on the company, I googled what to wear on a job interview.

All the results gave directions like pressed business suit, closed-toe heels, neutral colors, no fingernail polish, and pulled back hair. All of these lacked any sort of personality. I thought first interviews were mainly first impression/personality type situations. How can someone get a true sense of who I am, if I am not comfortable in my attire.

I am not a fan of the business suit. It is not flattering on any one woman I have ever seen. It is also not comfortable. Then what to wear?

Nowadays, I feel business professional attire rules can be flexible.

On a recent interview I wore this.IMAG0977-1

  • Blazer- Forever 21
  • Sweater Dress- Target
  • Scarf- Target
  • Watch- Michael Kors
  • Tights- JCrew
  • Boots- Target
  • Nail Polish- Essie

I felt and looked professional without being in an uptight suit. What do you think?

What are you wearing on your job interviews? I would love to know and happy job hunting:)


4 thoughts on “Interview Attire

  1. missdisplaced says:

    It looks pretty good, but personally I think the scarf might be a little much for the interview (but ok for workdays). I think this works on more entry-level and younger applicants, but not for someone older (I wouldn’t go near a sweater dress at my age!).

    I always tend to go for the more boring and bland for an interview in neutral colors like gray/black/navy and thicker, more upscale fabrics. Unless you’re looking in a very creative and/or fashion field, the idea is that you are NOT trying to show your personality with the clothes, but with YOU. You don’t have to wear a matchy-matchy business suit (though I do think it’s a good investment to get a quality matching 3-piece suit of pants, sheath dress or skirt and a blazer) to accomplish this, and then “break up” the pieces with a different jacket or a cardigan.

    Again, you have to always consider your field. Banking and law will require much more stringent attire, even at the entry level.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback! I am by no means an expert, just a recent grad trying to find my way. I would have normally agreed with you about the scarf but I wore it due to the fact it was 5 degrees outside. Haha I should’ve prefaced that in my post. I had to battle snow, ice, and cold temperatures to get to the interview. I will take your advice into consideration for my next interview though! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and giving me feedback! XoXo, AR

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