Namaste, ya’ll

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get fit. I am not your stereotypical gym rat. I really don’t enjoy a room full of machines, I don’t find it much of a challenge.

Growing up, I stayed fit by competitive dance and volleyball. Both of which give you a great work out and because of my competitive nature, I never notice how hard I was working out.

So in order to get fit without forcing myself to hit the gym, I tried something new.

Hot Yoga.

Yes, I said it, Hot Yoga.

After talking about it for weeks, one of my co-workers and I tried it out. We bought some fast drying workout clothes, read all the hot yoga class etiquette blogs, and purchased a 30 day membership with Real Hot Yoga in Knoxville.

I was definitely nervous. I didn’t want to pass out or get sick. Or even worse find out exactly how out of shape I was. We walked into the beginner class, scared out of our minds (but excited).

After an hour in a 100+ degree room, WE HAD SURVIVED HOT YOGA! Dripping with sweat and exhausted, we left the studio feeling awesome. We have tried out a couple different classes and here are some of my tips:

  1. Drink lots of water. Before, after and during the class, H20 is your friend.
  2. Wear fast-drying clothes. Cotton is definitely not a preferred material of choice when trying hot yoga.
  3. Take a workshop. Real Hot Yoga offers workshops for those starting out. They go through all the poses and prepare you for a class.
  4. Bring extra towels. You need a towel over your yoga mat, but what you really need to bring is an extra towel. I use a small hand towel for a quick face dab between moves.
  5. Try different classes. There are many types of class and styles. Take a few different ones, so you can figure out which one is right for you.

I definitely recommend Real Hot Yoga in Knoxville. Such a great workout that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


I’m still going to frequent Hot Yoga, but I’m looking for another fun workout to try out. Any recommendations? I can’t wait to hear them, but until then…

Namaste, ya’ll.


4 thoughts on “Namaste, ya’ll

  1. Alex Barron says:

    Love this! I’ve done yoga, but not hot yoga, yet! I may try it after reading your tips now! I really like Les Mills classes and my personal favorite is Body Pump – it’s a bar bell class. I do them at Golds Gym here in Jackson but I’m sure they offer them in Knoxville!

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