One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For WOMAN Kind

What does a ninja, the number 5 and 100, and a female all have in common?

Kacy Catanzaro.


She may not look like much, but all 5 ft and 100 lbs. of Kacy Catanzaro is inspiring women everywhere.

A few weeks ago history was made, Kacy Catanzaro was the first female to ever completed an American Ninja Warrior city qualifying course. And then again last night, rewrote the history books again and was the first woman to ever complete the city finals course. This former college gymnast will be competing in national finals course of Mount Midoriyamo.


Growing up an athlete I was always encouraged to push myself to the limit and challenge myself everyday to be better than the girl next to me. I was not encouraged to try to compete with the boys. Boys were just “better athletes”. Being the competitive person I am, this infuriated me.

With American Ninja Warrior, all athletes are on an even playing field. Held as equals, athletes are given the chance to run the daunting obstacle course on TV.

Seeing a female athlete excel all expectations of our gender is so up-lifting. She has the American Ninja Warrior fans (including me) uplifted and memorized by the heights she has overcome. I am truly inspired to not let being a female hold me back from anything I set my mind to.

I can’t wait to see what Kacy has in store for Mount Midoriyama. Go get ’em Kacy!


For the play-by-play, visit this great Buzzfeed article.