One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For WOMAN Kind

What does a ninja, the number 5 and 100, and a female all have in common?

Kacy Catanzaro.


She may not look like much, but all 5 ft and 100 lbs. of Kacy Catanzaro is inspiring women everywhere.

A few weeks ago history was made, Kacy Catanzaro was the first female to ever completed an American Ninja Warrior city qualifying course. And then again last night, rewrote the history books again and was the first woman to ever complete the city finals course. This former college gymnast will be competing in national finals course of Mount Midoriyamo.


Growing up an athlete I was always encouraged to push myself to the limit and challenge myself everyday to be better than the girl next to me. I was not encouraged to try to compete with the boys. Boys were just “better athletes”. Being the competitive person I am, this infuriated me.

With American Ninja Warrior, all athletes are on an even playing field. Held as equals, athletes are given the chance to run the daunting obstacle course on TV.

Seeing a female athlete excel all expectations of our gender is so up-lifting. She has the American Ninja Warrior fans (including me) uplifted and memorized by the heights she has overcome. I am truly inspired to not let being a female hold me back from anything I set my mind to.

I can’t wait to see what Kacy has in store for Mount Midoriyama. Go get ’em Kacy!


For the play-by-play, visit this great Buzzfeed article.


Why SYTYCD Is An Ex-Dancer’s Dream

A show dedicated to showing America all aspects of dance, So You Think You Can Dance over the past decade has challenged every current and former dancing to wonder ” Can or could you really dance?” This show has given light to the little known struggles of dancers and choreographers. Without this show, the hundereds of contestants wouldn’t have had the extraordinary platform to televise their talents.

Just like every live episode of SYTYCD, I had to start this post with an opening number.


For those who didn’t make it through grade school recitals, the audition aspect of SYTYCD shows the side of dance not usually seen. Dancer are given their chance for a solo audition infront of SYTYCD judges and guest judges. After they perform they either get an automatic advance to the next round by getting a plane ticket, voted to dance again in the choreography round, or sent home with a no.

SYTYCD Audition Courtesy of Google Images

SYTYCD Audition
Courtesy of Google Images

Exploring different styles of dance.

After all the auditions, the dancers are cut down to the Top 20 dancers, The 10 female and 10 male remaining dancers are then paired up to dance a new routine(s) every week. The great part about SYTYCD is that every week is different. The dancers are paired up with new choreographers every week to showcase a different style of dance.


The SYTYCD performances are not only different every week, but never cease to amaze. It took me hours of thumbing through videos for the few I put in this blog.

SYTYCD Season 10 Group Performance Courtesy of Google Images

SYTYCD Season 10 Group Performance
Courtesy of Google Images

From the group dances to the partner performances and even the solo “life-saving” performances, not a single minute of this show is a waste of time. A good portion have been nominated for Emmys. Contestant turned professional choreographer, Travis Wall, has been nominated several times for the work he has done on SYTYCD. If you haven’t at least seen one of them, please stop reading now and google them. <—(I helped you out a little) Now that you have picked your jaw off the floor from the shear awesomeness, there’s one more thing SYTYCD brings to ex-dancers…


Besides the art of dance and pushing yourself to the limit, most dancers love competition. At the end of the show 1 male and 1 female contestant are crowned SYTYCD champions. After the winners are announced we are left the MANY awe-inspriing performances on Youtube you can watch as much as your heart desires. I know I do.

What’s your favorite?

The Pitch, my new obsession

So while watching TV the other night, I stumbled upon a new show on AMC. The Pitch is a reality TV show that follows two competing advertising agencies. It reveals a rarely seen side of advertising. It gives a look behind the scenes of the agencies from when they get the client, through the creative process, and then finally the pitch to the client.
Here’s a break down of the episode I got to watch:
The client meeting was the first scene of the show. Set in Chicago, the two competing agencies gave a dramatic walk-up moment as they head into a building to meet the client.
  • The Client–> Little Caesars.
  • The Mission–> Create a multi message digital campaign focusing on the real         tomatoes and real cheese, good quality of Little Caesars’ pizza at a reasonable price.
They then break down the two agencies.
  • Common Ground is a large agency in the city. Their strength is strategy first than creative, strategy is the platform they build on.
  • Bee Line is a small agency in “Burbs”. The CEO, Stacey, is a soccer mom and has attracted a creative team that is more family oriented.
They then show both agencies going through the brainstorming process.  It shows the different directions each agency takes, along with all the twists and turns of the creative process. The biggest lesson from this section, Googling every idea to make sure it hasn’t been done before is essential.

Pitch day then finally arrives and both teams get an opportunity to present their ideas.
  • Common Ground–> Their inspiration is the passion behind social sharing and in this case over sharing. They created a character named,”Chuck Perry”  and he is spamming social media platforms with his love for Little Caesars. Then they had the Little Caesars’ representative “apologize for not apologizing”

Then the show cuts to commercial and what do we see, but a Little Caesars commercial. They say something like, “you’ve just witnessed the winning pitch…” Umm, I’m sorry did they just reveal who before both teams presented their ideas. Yes, yes they did. I was completely shocked! They just ruined the last 15 minutes of the show!

They come back from the “Follow Chuck Perry” commercial and Bee Line has their turn to present
  • Bee Line–> Their pitch was a simply hashtag #PQuality. They hoped this would spread on Twitter about the quality of the pizza. They planned to have Segway chariots go around town and promote the has tag.

But the rest of their pitch no longer matters, because we already know who wins.

The Decision:
Common Ground is named the winner (surprise, surprise). Client felt the concept they presented was more innovative and fresh. After the decision, myself along with many other viewers felt that Bee Line should have won.
Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 12.26.14 AM
After reading more into the decision on The Pitch section of AMC’s website I understand why the executive’s chose Common Ground. The idea of a company employee over sharing on social media about how much he loves Little Caesars is very different and fresh. I led with a predisposition of how much I hate those who over share on social media.
This turned out to be a good lesson for me, don’t lead with personal feelings. Now that I am about to become a PR professional, I need to start thinking that way. That being said, I will definitely be tuning in for next week’s episode. Hopefully the next episode conclusion will not be given away by an ill-conceived commercial placement.