New USA Hype Video

As the World Cup prepares for the knockout round game of USA vs. Belgium, here’s a little video that’ll get your blood flowing.


Do you?



World Cup and the Brands who are #Winning

Now that the US Men’s Soccer Team has advanced through the “Group Of Death” to the Round of 16, it is a good time to stop and appreciate the brands who have capitalized on the World Cup.

First is a commercial by FIFA promoting their video game. It depicts Landon Donovan poking fun at his misfortune of not making the USA Team in the final weeks prior to the Cup.

Next is a commercial by Budweiser. How could I do a post about sports commercial and not have of them be about Budweiser? Their commercial asks us to forget our differences and “Rise As One”.

Then there’s KIA with a set of commercials starring supermodel, Adriana Lima. Adriana is on a mission to teach you about “futbol” and she is persuasive…

Finally, Hyundai’s World Cup inspired commercial dares to assume that becasue of Futbol the next generation will be affected with a “boom”. #BecauseFutbol

To all of these brands and the many more I could not include, I thank you. Thank you for entertaining us before, during (halftime that is), and after the games with these top notch campaigns.



Well folks, it is that time again. The FIFA World Cup is number one on everyone’s minds. Whether you are a soccer fan or not, that doesn’t matter. What matters is national pride.

It is just like in the Olympics, I may not care anything about a sport for the other 3 and a half years, but when that star spangled banner starts flying, I’m cheering for the USA!

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Same goes for the World Cup, I am admittedly not a soccer fanatic, but you can bet I am cheering these guys on. All my news feeds are flooded with war cries and chants.

If you haven’t jumped on the banwagon, it’s not too late. The United States Mens Soccer Team just won a major game against their rivals from Ghana (who put them out the last 2 World Cups). Using the hashtags #IBelieveThatWeWillWin and #OneTeamOneNation, you can show your national pride and be a soccer fan, if just for this one month every 4 years.

I may have already tweeted this, but it still gives me chills. You don’t have to be a soccer fan, but you should be a fan of your country.


Why SYTYCD Is An Ex-Dancer’s Dream

A show dedicated to showing America all aspects of dance, So You Think You Can Dance over the past decade has challenged every current and former dancing to wonder ” Can or could you really dance?” This show has given light to the little known struggles of dancers and choreographers. Without this show, the hundereds of contestants wouldn’t have had the extraordinary platform to televise their talents.

Just like every live episode of SYTYCD, I had to start this post with an opening number.


For those who didn’t make it through grade school recitals, the audition aspect of SYTYCD shows the side of dance not usually seen. Dancer are given their chance for a solo audition infront of SYTYCD judges and guest judges. After they perform they either get an automatic advance to the next round by getting a plane ticket, voted to dance again in the choreography round, or sent home with a no.

SYTYCD Audition Courtesy of Google Images

SYTYCD Audition
Courtesy of Google Images

Exploring different styles of dance.

After all the auditions, the dancers are cut down to the Top 20 dancers, The 10 female and 10 male remaining dancers are then paired up to dance a new routine(s) every week. The great part about SYTYCD is that every week is different. The dancers are paired up with new choreographers every week to showcase a different style of dance.


The SYTYCD performances are not only different every week, but never cease to amaze. It took me hours of thumbing through videos for the few I put in this blog.

SYTYCD Season 10 Group Performance Courtesy of Google Images

SYTYCD Season 10 Group Performance
Courtesy of Google Images

From the group dances to the partner performances and even the solo “life-saving” performances, not a single minute of this show is a waste of time. A good portion have been nominated for Emmys. Contestant turned professional choreographer, Travis Wall, has been nominated several times for the work he has done on SYTYCD. If you haven’t at least seen one of them, please stop reading now and google them. <—(I helped you out a little) Now that you have picked your jaw off the floor from the shear awesomeness, there’s one more thing SYTYCD brings to ex-dancers…


Besides the art of dance and pushing yourself to the limit, most dancers love competition. At the end of the show 1 male and 1 female contestant are crowned SYTYCD champions. After the winners are announced we are left the MANY awe-inspriing performances on Youtube you can watch as much as your heart desires. I know I do.

What’s your favorite?


Social World

For those of you still not on the social media bandwagon, here’s a an awesome video that’ll change your mind.

This is why I’m a PR major. Social media is an ever growing and changing field that I love to try and keep up with every day. I hope the video gives you all the reasons you need to join the Social World. You won’t regret it.


Sports Reporter Profile


University of Tennessee Indoor Football Complex

For my Journalism 375 class, we were tasked the spotlighting that group in the media that does’t get recognized all the time- the Sports Reporter.

I chose to do mine on my friend, Sara Mitchell, who is a Vol Reporter. Anytime I can show off how awesome this girl is, I do. Sara took me behind the scenes of a UT Football practice.

She was working on a story about the Student-Athletic Trainers of the team. She got me in the indoor football field and then into the Student Athlete Wellness Center.

I followed her around as she shot b-roll of the football players getting taped up and stretched for practice.

Not only were pounds upon pounds of tape being applied to ankles and hands, but other athletes were also having physical therapy done.

1471135_10152067320106285_789038066_nIt was interesting to see how the athletes were prepared for practice, however, Sara was even more impressive. She knew almost everyone in the building and they knew her.

Due to a high demand of videoing equipment, i was forced to do something i had never done before. I had to shoot her profile using a GoPro. It was definitely a learning experience. Without a view finder or screen, I had no way of knowing how my shots were turning out. I also had no way of knowing how the sound was coming out, so you could say i was nervous. After editing the film, I am happy with the end result. I, however, will not be shooting another interview with a GoPro for a while to come.

Thanks so much Sara for all your help!